My story:

I’d saved for a couple of years before making the trip to Taliesin from Grapevine, Texas. It also took me that long to recruit my travel companions. We decided to fly into Chicago and drive up in May – I’ve never seen so much green in my life! Maybe that’s why they call it Spring Green.

My friends and I were all well acquainted with the interiors of Taliesin and even the framed images of the main buildings, but the ability to see how these structures integrate into the landscape was very unexpected. Watching the shadows of the white fluffy clouds dance across the landscape was one of those stolen “forever” moments. We actually laid down in the grass and just watched the clouds. All the while wondering how many people, students, family, even FLW had done the same in the past. It was a profound experience – feeling how everything is connected there; the land, the water, the sky, and the buildings… I’ll never forget that moment of clarity and connectedness.