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  • By the time I first visited Taliesin in Spring Green, I had all but discounted Frank Lloyd Wright as a cliche, the cliche, of American architecture. By the time...

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  • My interest in Frank Lloyd Wright began while in junior high school in the fifties when my father, who worked in downtown Manhattan, would bring home New York City...

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  • Between 1934-37 architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his Taliesin apprentices wrote columns printed in Wisconsin newspapers. Wisconsin River Valley Journal continued the tradition during my time at Taliesin. To...

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  • All three Taliesins were fantastic. I luckily was allowed to go thru the “public” rooms of the final house, the Living Room, etc., with the added bonus of being...

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MyTaliesin opens Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home and Studio in Wisconsin to the world through a site for sharing experiences and responses and to visit through a RealTime, interactive digital animation, the Taliesin Estate as it was from its beginning in 1911.

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